Applied Knowledge Systems Ltd

Consultancy specialised in building advanced machine learning real-time applications

Started in 2008, Applied Knowledge Systems Ltd. (previously Media Den Ltd.) is an IT-consultancy firm specialised in building advanced machine learning applications.

AKS has ample experience and expertise, demonstrated through:

  • Being a 2021 platinum winner of a “Build on Redis” Hackaton by developing real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) for medical literature to help find relevant knowledge using artificial intelligence and novel UX element see Demo
  • Sensor fusion application from IoT devices, such as LIDAR and acoustic-based water flow sensors;
  • Developing advanced operation model digital twins of networks for the aircrafts for Boeing and Rolls-Royce;
  • Image and speech recognition tool to assist medical diagnostics;
  • Application of synthetic data and advanced AI techniques in financial services;
  • Agent-based geolocation and real-time data fusion in power-constrained environment;
  • Building of performance graph database software.
  • AKS has close relations with the NLP group at the scientific Alan Turing Institute and the Oxford Praxis Forum at Oxford University.

Open Source Projects

  • The Pattern - Advanced Machine Learning NLP pipeline (3 pipelines inside) to help medical community to work with large amounts of unstructured information.
  • Reference Architecture for AI - open source community platform to discuss how to deploy Machine Learning products into production with trade offs and performance benchmarks
  • Terraphim AI Privacy First AI assistant
  • Metacortex EngineeringEngineering practices for AI and human ethical collaboration and alighnment
  • Search Engines for Engineers and Developers
  • Knowledge Graphs for Engineers and Developers
  • Distributed Systems for Engineers and Developers
  • Maintainer for Synth - is a tool for generating realistic data using a declarative data model.
  • Synthetic Data - platform to discuss value and use cases for Synthetic data with Synth as reference project
  • Learning Rust - evergreen notes on learning Rust

Selected publications

Success Stories

  • LeoNet - a network of LIDAR aerosol sensors, deployed in 70+ locations across Europe to monitor cloud and pollution (including volcano ashes)
  • TherapyBox - the app to help detect speech development in 5-12 years old children
  • MoleTest - scaling medical imaging to help early detection of cancer cells
  • ThirdEye - scaling real-time video recognition to detect product scan avoidance in supermarkets


Applied Knowledge Systems Ltd is registered in Great Britain, company number 08527800 Applied Knowledge Systems Kft is registered in Hungary, company number 01-09-349698